Me by Rosa Pomar @Retrosaria

Based in Lisbon, Dahlia Rodriguez is a dressmaker who has passion for crafts and textiles. Following a period of long and intensive professional training at Modatex to complement her knowledge on sewing, she launched her own brand in 2017 as designer and maker offering tailoring, quilting and training services.

As member of the collective Modistas de Atelier, she exhibited her creations at Lisboa Design Show (LXD) 2017 and 2018 as well as at the International Fair of HandiCraft (FIA) 2018. Moreover, she is also doing a research on  artisanship and development.

Inspired by cultural heritage, the collections she designs have a cultural meaning and bring a stories with them.

Committed to sustainability, the garments she makes are eco-friendly and made with natural textiles such as organic linen, cupro, hemp or organic cotton.