Dressmaking | Tailoring

As dressmaker | seamstress, I´m able to make an article of clothing following specific design & patterns or modifying it in a certain way. However, I also create garments following my own designs and patterns that can be fixed into the specific measures of a customer or made-to-order on the basis of standard body measures.

Patchwork | Quilting

As quilt lover, I enjoy very much to design and sew them. I´m available to listen to you and turn your wishes into a quilt for decorating your house, celebrating the arrival of new born babies, other special occasions or simply for you to enjoy the pleasure of being embraced by a quilt.


Using patchwork and other techniques such as boro, we are able to make special garments such as bags, purses or even clothing using scraps, rest of fabrics or old clothing. You might wish to make something for you using your own fabrics, but you can also get in love with one of the goodies shared in our shop.


Sharing my knowledge with other people interested in sewing is a great motivation. I’m available to share my experience through workshops or other training modalities.


With an extended background and experience in cultural projects aimed at bringing social change and an on-going research on women´s empowerment through craftsmanship, I would love to collaborate in social and community projects using crafts as empowering tools by training and mentoring who wish to find motivation and inspirarion in this field.

Get in touch

If you wish to make a specific order, get in touch by email to hi(at) However, do not hesitate to contact me if you have ideas in mind or just want to exchange views and thoughts.