Ge Ba, textile collage by Chinese Women

Found in moowon an amazing article about textile collage prepared by Chinese women living in the countryside.

Textiles by Women

Find at Google Arts & Culture the story of groups of women preserving and enhancing textile tradition in India.

“Handicrafts and handlooms are one of the largest employing sectors in India. The contribution of women in our society as such and in crafts in particular is unfortunately grossly undervalued.”

Textile by women google arts & culture

Discover these pictures about embroiderers of Lambani, Kashmir, the women and men who create the Khadi fabric, the legacy of block printing preserved in Rajasthan, the silk yarn of Andhra and Telangana.

Source: Google Arts & Culture

Credits: Exhibit
Collection: All media by Siddhartha Das, donated to JD Centre of Art
Script & photography: Siddhartha Das
Compilation: Anouk van de Kar
References: Laila Tyabji, 2007, “Threads & Voices”

JD Centre of Art, Bhubaneshwar

Embroidered Lifeline for Palestinian Women Refugees in Jordan

Discovered thanks to the Guardian another amazing initiative using crafts, embroidery in this case, to support women refugees social inclusion. SEP JORDAN, is a social entrepreneurship initiative founded by Roberta Ventura, an Italian born woman based in Geneva.


Credits: The Guardian. Asma Aradeh, employed by social enterprise SEP Jordan inspects embroidery work together with two colleagues. Photograph: Faras Oran

SEP Jordan describes themselves as ethical fashion start-up distinguished by their intricate embroidery and geometric patterns, and storytelling. For them “Every Stitch Tells a Story: each piece is embroidered by a single talented artist” based in  Jerash Camp in Jordan.

Ensuring that the marvelous cross-stitch technique is being passed down from generation to generation, SEP Jordan works to empower “less fortunate artists with professional, personal and economic stability”.

CNN visit their atelier and interviewed Palestinian artists on the impact of this beautiful work.

Discover their amazing work here and follow the on facebook.