CONTEXTILE 2020 – Open Call


The International Exhibition of Contextile 2020 – Contemporary Textile Art Biennial will take place in GuimarĂ£es, Portugal from 05th September to 25th October 2020.

The focus of this year biennal will be “Places of Memory”. Artist are invited to transversally reflect on the concept of memory.

The exhibition will integrate artworks from up to 50 artists, international and national, selected by a jury who will be also responsible to award the Acquisition Prize of 5000 Euros as well as Honourable Mentions during the opening.

Call for applications is now open. Deadline to submit your contributions is 01 March 2020. Expressions from all visual arts disciplines are accepted but must include textile elements, through its concept, theme, techniques or materials.

Know more about CONTEXTILE 2018 and check-out the catalogue.

For further information follow the links below and visit their website.

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