Craft army brings change


Source: The Guardian

“At one level our lives are increasingly virtual. The return to making and working with our hands is in part a reaction to that. There’s also an increased awareness of provenance. People are aware of the ethics of where things come from and how they are produced. Then there is the sense of wellbeing that comes with making things yourself.”, by Annie Warburton, the Crafts Council’s creative programme director.

I shared some weeks ago at the Craftivism Lab – ECF Lab, this article wrote by for the Guardian about market development for crafts and the economic change they are bringing to the UK economy. We all know the British political will and administrative support provided to the craft sector and its army is giving fruitful results and international recognition. In this article we will discover some testimonials and interesting actions brought by the UK Crafts Council. Indeed, it´s an inspiring experience to follow and to adapt to the local needs of other countries.

Do you know something about Portuguese or Spanish political strategy concerning crafts? What about France or other countries?


4 thoughts on “Craft army brings change

    • Dalia S. says:

      Really Meri? I thought it was different because all these employement programmes (IEFP) they launched to support arts and crafts…I see now, should be much more complicated that they announced. I think there is a lack of strategy for promoting and supporting Portuguese makers and artisans. The UK model of crafts and creative industries development it´s quite well known, I hope other countries like Portugal and Spain will follow similar steps, they are already late!

      • meri says:

        I Think IEFP is Institute of Employment and Professional Training – mostly direct to unemployed people. This institute direct you to CEARTE – Vocational Craft Training Center – which has the GPAO – Office for the Promotion of Arts and Crafts cabinet.
        Long ago I tried to be an artisan in order to go to the markets events and found all the process too confuse and expensive.
        Today I made a basic search and found all those offices – may be nowadays all things are better… hope so for younger. For me it’s too late

      • Dalia S. says:

        Yes, I made maybe a confusion with regard to the concept unemployed etc. I had a talk with someone from CEARTE last year during the Feria International do Artesanato, and never imagined it was so complicated. Then there is the issue of age, indeed. We need to find something else to support women´s artisans! 🙂

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