Crafting Europe

Support the Manifesto for the Future of Crafts in Europe launched by members of the World Crafts Council Europe organisation. The Manifiesto towards a European strategy for craft.

The Manifiesto was identified on the basis of a survey identifying challenges made by the World Crafts Council Europe to its members on the occasion of its 40th anniversary.

The results of the survey brough to the manifiesto towards a European Strategy for Crafts and an action plan, both presented on 23th May 2019 in Paris on the occasion of Révélations event.

The action plan includes 6 principal actions, summarising on

  1. Ensure the representation of the craft sector;
  2. Boost entreprising and access to markets;
  3. Addressing the decline in training and supporting the transmission of know-how;
  4. Undertake research to identify and quantify the value of crafts;
  5. Promote the recognition and protection of the crafts sector.

I hereby support the Manifiesto, what about you?

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