Craftivism is…

Last week, we organised a wonderful session at Dialogue Café. In the framework of our cycle “Global Exchange of Crafts Makers” we provided a special focus to craftivism, a gentle and creative way of protesting and bringing social change. An issue about I also share information through the European Cultural Foundation ECF Craftivism Lab.

During this session I had the pleasure of sharing a wonderful moment with Ana from Colectivo Metamorfilia, Sónia from Guerrilha Crochet Yarn Bombing Society, Teresa from Fashion Revolution Portugal, Gugui, from Gugui Cebey Textile Artist, and Nina from Dialogue Café Rio de Janeiro.

This is a short and personal report of one the best sessions I´ve never organised.

Thank you!


Craftivism is individual, but collective

Craftivism is slow, a way of being

Craftivism is for introvers, is for extrovers

Craftivism is leadership and empowerment

Craftivism is mostly made by crafters, but not only

Craftivism is about education, is also a learning process

Craftivism is not made only for and by women

Craftivism is local, but global

Craftivism is conection, and cooperation

Craftivism is networking, is community

Craftivism is enhancing and preserving traditional crafts

Craftivism is making changes happen, is fighting against stereotypes, is bringing social inclusion

Craftivism is purpose, Craftivism is is activism

What else is Craftivism?

3 thoughts on “Craftivism is…

  1. Ana says:

    Great to read your personal perspective. I love it when an event or experience, much as a special movie to give an example, sticks with us for a long time after happening, and I feel like our wonderful talk was just that. I look at it as seeds being sown that each of us can water and care so they turn into a beautiful and plentiful garden. I’m really greatful for it all. 🙂

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