Memoria Nueva de Antiguos Oficios

Coordinated by Lorena Codes and organised by La Térmica, a two-days conference on artisan know-how and fashion called “Memoria Nueva de Antiguos Oficios” will be organised next 30 Nov – 1 Dec in Málaga (Spain).

Bringing together relevant artisans working in the field of fashion such as Johan Luc KattÁngeles Espinar, designers extremely sensitive to their cultural roots such as Leandro Cano and Jesús Segado, and experts in the field of fashion and design, namely Aurora Fernández Texeira and Diego Valisi, the objective is to share, and enhance, the role of craftmanship and traditional know how in the field of fashion and design so new perspectives can be established in order to promote recover traditional artisan crafts from Málaga, Spain, province.

In this framework, I will have the pleasure and amazing mission of introducing the session and sharing some of the knowledge and experiences I have been mapping and discovering since I launched this research and much more.

If you are around do not miss it!


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