Slow Fashion vs Fast Fashion


Some weeks ago I finished the book “Moda ética para um futuro sustentável“, bought at Retrosaria Rosa Pomar and wrote by , co-founder of BeCo platform and professor at the Instituto Europeo di Design (IED) located in Barcelona.

For someone like me who just started to study dressmaking, it was a bit depressing to realise that one of the major sources of pollution is the fashion industry, not only in terms of using natural resources but also of fabric production, including transport, printing and dyeing. In general terms, I was aware about much of the issues addressed in this book,  but let´s admit it is not the same when you discover some data and statistics like these ones:

If we talk about the fashion industry production in the international labour landscape, things are still very negative, especially for vulnerable people like refugees, children or women, exploited as workers for international well-known fast fashion companies. The True Cost documentary talks about abuse and exploitation in fashion industry factories.

But a challenge represent always an opportunity, and the number of iniciatives and brands supporting sustainable strategies and promoting slow fashion is growing so fast like the number of makers and fashion designers committed to change things.

Having these relevant issues in mind and in the framework of the Global Exchange of Crafts Makers I´m coordinating with Dialogue Cafe Network, we are organising a debate on “Sustainable clothing, it´s the DIY movement a response to fast fashion?”. A debate which will take place next 29 November and will connect cities of Lisbon, Novi Pazar and Brazil.

Join us!


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