Strengthening Refugees Sewing Skills

It´s exciting to see how many initiatives supporting refugees’ skills are focused on artisan techniques.

Today we are sharing Social Fabric experience on training people on tailoring and sewing techniques as strategy to strengthen their path to employability and integration.

Social Fabric is a sustainable and social textile centre based in Zurich. Using a sustainable and social approach, the team of Social Fabric works on community building through textile creation.

Since 2015, SF has been working with refugees and giving them tools to build their own path to business development and autonomy.

Several are the programmes focused in refugees’ empowerment: Social Sewing Class, Apprenticeship, Volunteering at Social Fabric, Project ReThread.

By offering classes and courses on dressmaking and tailoring techniques to these refugees, the future makers get more chances to find a job and stability in Switzerland.

UNHCR was with them and offer us a great story to share.



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