Sustainable Clothing

April was an excited and reflexive month.


When you are defining a new textile concept project and investing so many efforts on professionally stregthening your dressmaking competencies at almost 40 years old, you must to consider the contribution you want to bring to the field in order to reduce textile industry impact in the planet and people´s lives.

The organisation of this amazing session on sustainable clothing by Dialogue Café in partnership with Fashion Revolution Portugal and in cooperation with Fashion Revolution France and Fashion Revolution Brasil was an extremely rich experience, both at the professional and personal level.

With Dialogue Café network, we had the amazing opportunity of putting together amazing, creative and committed people. Mostly women, they are bringing to the creative sector a consistent new wave of values based on sustainability, ethics and innovation with the aim of raising awareness about the unsustainable consomption attitudes of our contemporary societies and the abusive labour conditions applied by many fast fashion global companies.

Some of these brands applied innovative methods through upcycling, other through design, some other by implementing labour conditions based on justice and respect. Most of them using local resources and organic materials.

During the discussion many ideas and issues were raised, but we all agreed we have different forms of applying change and all of them have an added value.

 I kept in mind the ones I found more interesting: the relevance of linking design products to lovestories, the challenge of defining a cost-effective business model, the need of using local resources as well as the impact of working in cooperation with other stakeholders.

The Global Exchange of Crafts Makers is giving me, giving us, the opportunity of exchanging so many thoughts and experiences, of promoting mutual learning.


However what I loved the most from this session was the opportunity of meeting so many inspiring people.

This moment was exciting and encouraging, a unique empowerment opportunity.

Thank You!







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