The real cost of quilts

15 FEBRUARY 2016 | by Jennifer Moore

Quiltonomics: The Real Cost of Quilts


Source: Sewing Report, by Jennifer Moore


A very complete and interesting article on the real cost of quilts, with references to  handmade. It talks about the difficulties makers confront when they need to choose the prize of their products, especially because not everybody agrees (or can afford) buying a quilt for 300€ for example. Well, maybe they need to know the real cost of handmade.

Discussing with a friend expert on handmade and quilts, we identified two key points which need to be further discussed. The first one, the target audience, because not everybody will be able to afford handmade products; the second one, how to raise awareness about the need of changing the mass consumption way of life crazily developed on 20th century.

See the full article here and share your thoughts at Craftivism Lab post.


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