The True Cost

Yes, this post is not about how nice and great it´s passing your time crafting beautiful things. This post is about the time other people waste doing beautiful things we buy.


I´m talking today about “The True Cost” a documentary you can easily watch already in the net or screenings planned around the world. A documentary about what´s beside of fast-fashion, and not so fast-fashion. A film it´s necessary to see if we want to understand really who made your clothes and the world works. Yes, because it´s a pattern repeated in different sectors. If not, who don´t remember Darwin’s Nightmare.

Defenders of this cause (using other´s resources without pity) use to say that they bring development, better working conditions, blá, blá, blá…

The only truth here it´s that our unsustainable consumption model and our yearning for buying always very nice goods at the cheapest prize has a prize, yes a prize, a prize in other´s life.

Who already tried to sew a t-shirt or dress knows about the real cost of clothing. But it´s not only about time and precision you need to put, it´s also about human capital, resources, pollution, exploitation, textiles, cotton, seeds! Of course, with Monsanto everywhere.

For some time now, I didn´t buy anything but order a pair of artisan boots made in Portugal. I have know some dress patterns waiting for some free time. I already discover who made my clothes (#FashRev  Campaign), take a look to the labels.

Is there anything it will change? My colleague Diana shared today an article about no change… I´m not sure, but if people is aware and decide to not participate anymore in this lie, some things may change in the future.

From the time being, I decided to raise awareness and not contribute anymore to Ortega´s wealth, world´s richest (after Bill Gates).  So here a first post and commitment, only make my clothes or buy artisan and responsible clothes.

And your commitment? Yes, you need before to see the documentary, but be advertised, it will be a shock, sure.


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