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Women Making Incredible Things


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In this article, Etsy celebrated the Women´s History Month by sharing the stories of inspiring Etsy shops managed by women. Etsy has a big responsability on and things to be proud of if we acnowledge that 87% of Etsy sellers are female-run businesses.

From this article written by Aleksa Brown, I keep some powerful words in mind:

magic, network, entrepreneur, paradise, working together, 

power & inspiration, sisterhood, connecting with past generations,

be proud, meaningful employment

that translate the meaning of empowerment as Emely, maker recognises in this article:

“We’re on a mission to empower people who might normally be overlooked, and we love being able to do it in such a creative way,”

But Etsy it´s not the only online business platform who concentrate women´s creativity.

Tictail also wanted to pay tribute to the thousands of makers by sharing the story of one female-founded brand each day during March 2018 with the aim of raising awareness on  gender inequality in the business sector.

Did you know that in 2017, just 32 of the CEOs on the Fortune 500 list were women? In contrast to this, Tictail is home to thousands of female-run businesses worldwide — that’s thousands of trailblazing, rule-breaking, risk-taking women leading the charge.

Tictail also created a conversation on the matter called #womencreatinghistory through instagram.

Instagram, a social network where most of the female run-business promote their work and (non-)formal networks are created through for inspiration, support, cooperation or even activism, as for example the initiative called: #illustralahuelgafeminista launched in Spain by illustrators in order to bring a creative image of women´s rights in that important day.

Enjoy the stories and gallery!



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