Women War Rugs from Afghanistan

Thousands of years of weaving tradition being transmitted from mother to daughter in Afghanistan. Thousands of years of weaving tradition transmitting the impact of war, conflict and forced displacement through a new iconology.

Largest online archive of Afghan war rugs is maintained by New York–based artist Kevin Sudeith, but weavers’ authorship is often lost. At the EU level, Flore de Taisne & Edmund Le Brun, from Ishkar in Paris, are doing an amazing work for enhancing crafts at risk in emergency and conflict situations. 

“The idea that these rugs are not only brilliant storytelling platforms, but are also being used by people who have been in conflict for hundreds of years, absolutely blew my mind,”  Leah Dixon, NY-based artist on war rugs

Vanessa Thill wrote an amazing article for Artsy.net. However, in 2015, the inclusion of drones in afghan carpets by women was already underlined by qz.com in an article written by Cosimo Bizzarri.

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